(Left To Right) Ryan Zdrojewski ,Amy Blair, Ross Archibald, Ana Nowosielska      Photo©Marianne Harris 
METAL PULP AND PAPER: Hello Ana, thank you for taking the time to talk with us here at Metal Pulp And Paper, we appreciate it. 
If Altered Sky were put under a microscope, what would one see underneath the glass?

ANA NOWOSIELSKA: Real people with real goals and a ridiculous sense of humor. Music is love.

MPAP: What is Altered Sky all about and what are you hoping to accomplish as a band? 

ANA: We all love, live and breathe music here. We started with a goal and that goal is to travel the world, meet new people and connect through music. 

MPAP: Altered Sky is from Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. Is your genre of music accepted there?  

ANA: Glasgow has a huge music scene with hundreds of bands and aspiring musicians. That's the great thing about our city! We do have a place here but we intend on branching out and letting people all over the world hear Altered Sky

MPAP: What are some of the musical influences that make up Altered Sky?  

ANA: We take inspiration from all aspects of music. Epic video game music, anthemic big sounds, harmony in everything, soaring vocals and catchy guitar melodies. Bands like Killswitch Engage to the Spice Girls

MPAP: You once said you are painting stories in real life with the music Altered Sky makes. So far what does that canvas look like so far for you? 

ANA: We have accomplished things we used to dream of as kids: being on KERRANG TV and Radio, releasing an album and touring all over the country. We have also helped our fans open up and follow their own dreams as we have done. It's really humbling to hear!

MPAP: Your new video for "Livewire". Was there a message behind it you wanted to get across to your fans? 

ANA: "Livewire" speaks about facing your problems head on and not letting it bring you down. A lot of the lyrics parallel the struggle in the music industry and the belief that you can never give up in what you believe in. 

MPAP: Are you currently working on any new material right now? 

ANA: Oh yes! Album 2. Currently on 50 songs for it now. Just need to whittle it down to about 15 and then we will get recording. 

MPAP: When you have time off, or on days off between show dates, do you try to see any other bands play if they are playing at a nearby club or venue? 

ANA: We have a few close friends in other bands and we support them as much as we can. It's all about sticking together!

MPAP: Your Facebook page it says you are currently working out how to install a Sega Megadrive and TV Screen into the back of your tour van. Have you succeeded in getting this done yet? 

ANA: Haaaaah Yes that needs to be updated... 

MPAP: How is life on the road for you so far?

ANA: Tour is life. It's always a massive laugh but we always treat it like work too.

MPAP: Are there certain dos and don’ts that you’ve learned along the way? 

ANA: Try not to eat crap food because you will die. 

MPAP: What is one of the first thing you start to miss while out on the road on tour? 

ANA: I miss cooking tbh! A good hot meal. Mmmm stir fry

MPAP: Some of your career highlights so far include supporting We Are The In Crowd, The Wonder Years, Decade, State Champs, A Loss For Words and Neck Deep. Who is on your bucket list of bands to play with? 

ANA: 30 seconds to mars would be amazing and also someone like Lady Gaga! Legends. 

MPAP: What can your fans expect in the coming months and the rest of 2017? 

ANA: We've got a lot in store this year! Something that will seriously blows your minds. 

MPAP: Before this interview comes to an end, is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans and the readers of Metal Pulp And Paper?

ANA: Get out to gigs, support the music scene and live!

MPAP: Once again, thank you Ana for this opportunity and speaking with us at Metal Pulp And Paper.