METAL PULP AND PAPER: Hello Meghan, so glad to be catching up with you. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for Metal Pulp And Paper. We appreciate it. 

Your band Doll Skin, what should first time listeners expect? 
MEGHAN HERRING: They should lose any expectations they have! I know lots of people have this unfair predisposition that since we're chicks, we can't write complex and heavy enough songs. I say we do a pretty decent job at writing the music we write. In Your Face Again is the bare bones of who we are as a band. Our sound can go many different directions. We're super excited to see where these new songs go because they've definitely got some more meat on their bones! 
MPAP: Some people may not know, but Dave Ellefson of the band Megadeth is a big part of Doll Skin
Explain this? 
MEGHAN: This is absolutely true!! We were together for a year before he picked us up. He took us under his wing and opened up a whole world of opportunities 
for us as a group! He's helped us get to where we are in numerous ways. We're always grateful!! 
MPAP: And what was your first thought when Dave Ellefson walked up to you after the Rock Revolution battle of the bands in Scottsdale, Arizona? 
MEGHAN: We were all a little starstruck. What was the astronomical chance that such a huge contributor to the classic metal scene was the judge at my high school battle of the bands? We didn't know what to expect! But he turned out to be really chill. We made a great first impression on him after all! 
MPAP: What was the name of your High School? 
MEGHAN: Desert Mountain High School.
MPAP: Doll Skin have been compared to The Donnas, The Go Go’s, and The Runaways
Is that a good comparison? What makes you stand out from any of them? 

MEGHAN: We hear that comparison every show, believe it or not! People come up to us all the time and say that. We always take it as a huge compliment. Being compared to the classics makes us feel like we're doing things right. The only instance I can think of us standing out from them is probably our 
blindingly crazy hair colors. Though those bands are all chick bands, they all have different sounds! 
MPAP: How did all of you girls meet? 
MEGHAN: I was hiking in the Himalayan Mountains in the harshest of winters, when I stumbled across a pink flower. The flower then bloomed into our pink-haired bassist Nicole. Nah. We actually all met at School of Rock in Scottsdale! I met Alex first when the School just opened back in 2012. Then Sydney and Nicole later on. Alex and Sydney and I were all in the same band together before Doll Skin called the School of Rock Sugar Skulls. That's the house band that traveled around Arizona to play social events and gigs and whatnot. 
MPAP: Going out on the Metal Allegiance West Coast Tour in early 2016, was this the first time for any of you traveling outside the state lines of Arizona? 
MEGHAN: Nope! We had all traveled a lot before Doll Skin touring. But traveling like this together was a whole new experience. 
MPAP: Any plans of going overseas? How are they reacting to you outside of the United States? 
MEGHAN: We hope!! We would be so stoked to travel outside the country. The reaction internationally is shockingly positive. We're surprised and so thankful our music has reached anywhere outside the U.S.!! 
MPAP: This will be your 2nd time going out on tour with Otep. Is there anything you are hoping to accomplish this time around that you might not of the first time out on tour with her? 
MEGHAN: Hmmm...well the cool thing about this tour is that we're direct support this time! We're going to reach a whole new amount of people. That hopefully leads to more fans and more merch sales!! 
MPAP: Do you get to hang out with her at all? 
MEGHAN: We get to hang out with her when she does her preshow workout routine. She even lets us work out with her and her band. It's pretty great. The whole band is filled with incredible people. 
MPAP: Who would you like to go out on tour with? Who’s on your bucket list of bands? 
MEGHAN: Number one, without question; My Chemical Romance. If that happens I can die happy. Others include Refused, Avenged Sevenfold, Paramore, Underoath
Florence + The Machine, Foo Fighters, Dead Sara, so many more. 
MPAP: Since you’re all so young, are people constantly telling you the do’s and don’ts of being a musician and life out on the road? 
MEGHAN: Oh all the time. Most of it is good advice, though!! 
MPAP: What is the hardest thing about being out on the road? 
MEGHAN: Making food in a moving vehicle. That takes like...10 times longer than doing it at home. Putting on makeup in a tiny RV bathroom, dealing with occasional anxiety, asthma and homesickness (that's me!). Never really getting a good full nights sleep. But hey, that's all part of the rock n roll tour life! It's what makes the experience so unique and memorable and we embrace it! 
MPAP: What passes the time as the miles go by and you leave your family and friends behind? 
MEGHAN: Sleep, music, and movies. And writing lyrics. Lots of that. 
MPAP: So far what’s the longest you’ve been out on the road? 
MEGHAN: Two months! Well....three if you count the 3 day gap we had at home after a month long headlining tour. 
MPAP: Is it a constant party or do you all have limits and boundaries set? 
MEGHAN: Nah we don't party all the time on tour, because: 1.) we're all under age, 2.), we have parents with us on tour, and 3.) usually after shows we're all wiped out from the crazy night so we crash out. We're fun though, we promise. 
MPAP: After the Otep ‘Equal Rights, Equal Lefts’ Tour what’s next for Doll Skin
MEGHAN: Writing, recording, writing, recording. And repeat. 
MPAP: What can the fans expect in 2017? 
MEGHAN: Lots of new music!! Hopefully lots of new tours too. Keep an eye open!! 
MPAP: Are you taking it day by day, step by step, or does Doll Skin have a goal that needs to be met in one year, five years, even ten? 
MEGHAN: We did make a long term goal list one time. Some of our major goals would be to tour outside the country, play huge festivals, and make music that we 
are truly proud of.

MPAP: On behalf of myself and Metal Pulp And Paper, I'd like to thank you, Meghan, for being a part of this. Look forward to what Doll Skin does to finish out 2016 and beyond.