A few moments with Pustulus Maximus... 
METAL PULP AND PAPER: Hello Pustulus Maximus, so glad to be catching up with you. Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for Metal Pulp And Paper. We appreciate it. 
How are things going in the Gwar camp? You are part of this year’s Vans Warped Tour, how has that been so far? 
PUSTULUS: Pretty awful so far. Too many kids having a good time. Not enough misery.  
MPAP: This was your first time on the tour, how was it doing all your shows outside in the daylight for once? 
PUSTULUS: It's amazing, who doesn't like to be day-drunk. 

MPAP: Gwar is probably used to hitting the stage and creating debauchery after 9pm, and that’s when the Vans Warped Tour would stop and start to be taken down to go to the next city. What is it like being back on the road so early? Or was there a lot of downtime in between shows? 
PUSTULUS: Travel time doesn't matter to us. We're rich as fuck just like Iron Maiden and we have our own Bat-ship hellacopter as well. We fly to each show and only show up when its time to play. We hang back after the show for a few hours for the blood lubed sex orgy and then take off once we've choked everyone
out, David Carradine style.  
MPAP: What about the crowds there at each show? You of course had your diehard fans there to see you, but what about the other half that might not have heard of Gwar before? The younger kids, what do you think they thought of Gwar and the onslaught of blood and other vile liquids being shot out at them? 
PUSTULUS: Nobody else is out there offending the kids and I think they like it. Rock and roll isn't about being safe and we keep the danger aspect in our show. You never know who's going to be violently murdered in front of an audience. They can also tell that we give more to the fans. Who else would share their ejaculate with their fans live on stage? GWAR does! 
MPAP: Let’s catch up on last year for a bit. 2016 marked the 7th Annual Gwar-B-Q held at the beautiful Hadad’s Lake in Richmond, Virginia, featuring the bands Lamb of God, Against Me!, Dillinger Escape Plan, August Burns Red, American Nightmare, and Eyehategod, along with many others. How did all of festivities end up going? Everything you expected? 
PUSTULUS: It was great. After the show we put about $85,542 in a bon fire, roasted weenies over it, and patted ourselves on the back. Paid a lot of criminals in suits for their guidance. Some of them even still hang out with us. I personally would rather have the day off.  
MPAP: By the way, has anyone ever figured out how much beer is consumed over the course of a Gwar-B-Q weekend? 
PUSTULUS: A fuck-load which is shit-ton more than an ass-load.  
MPAP: Unfortunately, 2017 will not be seeing a Gwar-B-Q event. You will be soon releasing your 14th album and going out on headlining tour after that correct? 
PUSTULUS: Yes, if we were dumb enough to do another Q you wouldn't have this masterpiece of a record which is about to drop on October 20th. We will embark on another tour and the journey that we've been on for the last few years will all be revealed.  
MPAP: How hard was that to announce to your fans that there wouldn’t be a Gwar-B-Q this year?  
PUSTULUS: Too fucking easy. I revel in their disappointment.  
MPAP: Hopefully there will be one to take place next year, or at least hopefully for the 10-year anniversary of Gwar-B-Q
PUSTULUS: We shall see.  
MPAP: Let’s move on and talk about new music. Your fans are excited for this. Back in May 2016, it was announced that Gwar was working on a new album, a follow-up to Battle Maximus released back in 2013. This will be a first without founding member and longtime vocalist Oderus Urungus. How hard will this, or how hard has it been, to go on and make new music without him being a part of it? 
PUSTULUS: The difficulty wasn't necessarily writing a record without him, it was writing a record together as a band. Battle Maximus was done under duress and I think it shows. Battle Maximus was also a way to prove that we were still going to be a band despite having lost a fellow Scumdog who was near and dear to us. The new record was much more thought out and there was a lot more planning involved. We had written about 25 songs and ended up cutting all but 8 or 9. I wrote one more tune and we got together and arranged another tune based on some riffs I had which would become "I'll Be Your Monster" and "Phantom Limb". This album is very rock and roll and much more cohesive than the previous body of work. Battle Maximus and this new record The Blood of Gods both mark very dark times in GWAR history. I didn't have a lot of input on the previous record as I had just arrived to Earth after the departure of Flattus Maximus, my cousin. I wrote two songs on that one but on The Blood of Gods, I definitely was able to make my mark and put some heavy influence on the record along with Blothar. You're gonna hate it.  
MPAP: At Vans Warped Tour, you have been playing a new song called "Fuck This Place". Are there any other new song titles swirling around the bowels of the Slave Pit that you might be able to spill and tell us all about?  
PUSTULUS: Already gave you two new titles, what more do you want!?!? 
MPAP: Most important, is there an expected release date you can tell everyone when something new might be available to rape their ear drums with? 
PUSTULUS: October 20th on Metal Blade Records.
MPAP: Also, this past year, Gwar played live on The Howard Stern Wrap Up Show? What was that like being in the Sirius XM studios and being a part of The Howard Stern Show
PUSTULUS: Oh it was great. I got to meet Danny Glover and tell him about a song my old band wrote long ago called Danny Glover Atmosphere. Other than that it was quite stupid. We were told to not talk to Mr. Stern. Not lying.  
MPAP: One of the songs you played was a cover of "Silver Nickels And Golden Dimes", a song Stern had penned while in the sixth grade. What did he think about your rendition of his song? 
PUSTULUS: I don't know what he thought about it. He probably hated it.  
MPAP: There have been a couple things brewing that all Gwar fans should know about. What can you tell us about Let There Be GWAR, and GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON? These will be must haves for all Gwar fans out there correct? 
PUSTULUS: Let There Be GWAR is a book of lies that tells the behind the scenes stories of GWAR starting in the early days of the band. They purport such rumors as that humans create the costumes that they were. Nonsense, all of it. We are real beings from outer space. I have nothing to prove to you! 
ORGASMAGEDDON is a comic book series that we're doing now. We wanted to be able to tell our tales in works of literature but since Betsy DeVoss is now the head of education we had to dumb it down to picture books. American children won't be able to read after she's through with the education department so we developed a product that all retards can follow.  
MPAP: And one last question, recently the band Hellyeah covered Phil Collin’s "I Don’t Care Anymore" on their Undeniable release incorporating a guitar track recorded by Vinnie Paul’s late brother Dimebag Darrell he had played over 14 years ago. Are there any lost tapes of unheard vocals by Oderus Urungus sweltering somewhere in the Slave Pit dungeons that might turn up some day in a new Gwar song by any chance? 
PUSTULUS: Yes we have some. I'll let you hear them in 20 years.  
MPAP: On behalf of myself and Metal Pulp And Paper, I would like to thank you, Pustulus Maximus, for spending some time with us. Look forward to what Gwar does and defiles in 2017 and beyond. 
Before we bring this interview to a close, do you have any last words for Metal Pulp And Paper and all your die-hard scumdog fans out there reading this? 
PUSTULUS: Fuck off and die.  

                             Vans Warped Tour~ June 17th, Oregon State Fairgrounds- Salem, Oregon




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