Forming in 2010 with a dedication to writing music with depth and passion, Devilskin is a four-piece alternative metal band, that have taken New Zealand over by furious storm. Comprised of Jennie Skulander-Vocals, Nail-Guitar, Paul Martin-Bass, and Nic Martin-Drums, Devilskin are now setting their sights to take over the world with their latest, Be Like The River, released in November 2016. 

METAL PULP AND PAPER: Hello Jennie, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for Metal Pulp And Paper. We really appreciate it. 

Do you find this statement to be accurate, ‘taking over the world’? Especially since Devilskin's debut album, We Rise, released in 2014, debuted at #1 on the Official New Zealand Music Chart; remaining there for four weeks. It was certified Platinum by Recorded Music NZ in March 2015. That is quite an accomplishment? 

JENNIE SKULANDER: Haha I guess so. It’s a big achievement for a Hard Rock band in NZ. I feel like we are taking over the world very slowly!  

MPAP: When forming Devilskin back in 2010, what do you think everyone brought to the table to make Devilskin happen and get where you’re at now? 

JENNIE: We worked our arses off pretty much! We played shows all over the country and would dress the stage up. I would dress up either pin up or in some sort of costume to try stand out from other rock bands. We did as much as we could over the years to try build that fan base up, and we are still going! 

MPAP: We Rise wasn’t released until 2014, four years after the band had formed. What was everyone doing in between those years? 

JENNIE: Trying to get heard! Gigging, trying to get radio play, making music vids, entering band comps, and gigging some more. We were on the road trying to make it happen! 

MPAP: Even though it was only two years in between each release, how do you think you’ve musically grown since We Rise and Be Like The River

JENNIE: With We Rise, a lot of the songs we had had since starting Devilskin. Some songs that Nic wasn’t originally a part of. I think with BLTR the songs are more grown up, I’m hitting a lot higher notes and Nic contributed to the songwriting of a few songs. BLTR is ‘We Rise’ older wiser brother :) 
MPAP: Was there anything you wanted to do or be done on Be Like The River that you didn’t have the opportunity to do on We Rise

JENNIE: Um no, I don’t think so, we put our heart and soul into this album.

MPAP: While you were starting to write songs for Be Like The River like “Voices” and “Pray”, what message were you trying to get across to the listeners?  

JENNIE: “Voices” was a song I wrote for the fans. Kinda like a “this is the reason why we are where we are because of them” song. Through any negativity the fans have always had our back. “Pray” was written by Paul but what it means to me is how it represents us in the music industry in NZ. Trying to get noticed, get out there, showing how hard you work yet no one really cares because you’re not their type of sound.

MPAP: Nic Martin, the drummer, son of bassist Paul Martin, joined Devilskin when he was only 15. This must be every metal head’s dream to be able to join a band? What were your first initial thoughts bringing him on board being so young?  

JENNIE: I was excited. I knew he could play, and we were into a lot of the same bands at the time (Coheed and Cambria, Protest the Hero, Mars Volta to name a few). His age didn’t really bother me though, being so young I didn’t think he would stick with us. So glad he did! 
MPAP: What were you doing at 15 years old? 

JENNIE: I had just joined a band myself…High School band. I was learning guitar and obsessing over the new Deftones album that had just been released (White Pony, still a favorite today!) 

MPAP: What were some of the highlights you had when Devilskin came to the United States and played a show at the legendary Whiskey A Go Go in May of 2015?  

JENNIE: I guess just being amongst all the history of the place. Our green room for the night used to be a flat that Jimi Hendrix lived in. We sat in seats that Janis Joplin had sat in and of course all the bands that had graced that stage over the years had us in awe. I know Motley Crue were a big name at the Whisky back in the day and shortly after we got back to NZ we opened of them for their first and last NZ show ever. 
MPAP: Will Devilskin be able to do a full tour in the US anytime soon during 2017? 

JENNIE: Maybe, I sure hope so! We have a big year ahead but recently toured NZ and Australia with Halestorm as our support in NZ and we supported them in Australia, we have announced a European tour for Germany & the UK with co-headliners Sumo Cyco and we would love to come back to the US for a good run of dates, hopefully see you soon! 
MPAP: You’ve mentioned Mike Patton of Faith No More as one of your biggest influences. If you bumped into him at a show, what would you want to say to him?
JENNIE: Honestly...I don’t know. Guess I’d just want to talk shit. He is still a person like you and me at the end of the day so it would probably be something along the lines of how his day was going. 
MPAP: On the spot, if you could write and sing a song with him, what do you think it would be about? Do you already have a title in mind if it happened? 

JENNIE: Haha not really! but I’m sure it would be random. I’d love to do something crazy…like the stuff he did with Dillinger Escape Plan
MPAP: What were some of your other musical influences while growing up in New Zealand? Is heavy metal music as popular there as it is in the United States? 

JENNIE: Sadly Heavy Metal was and is still frowned upon here. There are a lot of bands but it’s so hard for a NZ metal act to get out there. 
Growing up my influences were Deftones, Snot, Faith No More, The Mars Volta, and Dio to name a few. 
MPAP: What can your fans expect from Devilskin in 2017?

JENNIE: More shows! As I mentioned we are confirmed for Germany in March and have a bunch more UK dates coming up too! And then hopefully get over to the USA! 
MPAP: Any last words you’d like to say? 

JENNIE: Anyone starting out in a band…stick to it, work your arse off as dreams do come true…and for the band ladies, touring with a baby is possible. I just completed 20 shows in just over a month with a 4 month old. Good help and rest make it possible! 
MPAP: Once again, thank you Jennie for this opportunity. Hope to see Devilskin in the United States soon.