METAL PULP AND PAPER: Kala Rose, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for Metal Pulp And Paper. We really appreciate it. 
You recently gained popularity covering the song “Forty Six & 2” by the progressive metal band Tool at the Aaron O’Keefe Music Foundation. You have been singing well before that when the song came out in 2013 correct?  

Kala Rose: Yes, I have been singing for almost half of my life, I started when I was 7 or 8 years old.  
MPAP: When did you first get involved with the O’Keefe Music Foundation?  

Kala: I was around 9 years old. My mom told me she thought I had a lot of soul in me so she thought it would be a good idea to get me working at it.  
MPAP: What can you tell us about your memories and experience while there? 
KALA: The O'keefe Music Foundation has taught me to work hard for my goals and what I want to achieve. Most importantly my teachers and fellow students have shown me that music is about more than just what sound comes out, that it is about my identity and who I am as a person.  
MPAP: Over the years, some of the songs that you have covered have been: Tool- “Forty Six & 2”, The White Stripes- “Seven Nation Army”, Halestorm- “I am The Fire”, Dream Theater- “Pull Me Under”, Nirvana- “Heart Shaped Box”. Which song has been the most fun for you to record?  
KALA: My favorite song that I've recorded is "Sober" by Tool. It was such a fun song because of the way we pulled it apart and redid it, as well as the filming process. It felt so cool to actually shoot a video in a giant old fashion theatre. 
MPAP: Which one was the most difficult to perform? 
KALA: Live, the most difficult song I've ever performed was definitely one of my band's originals "Rhyme or Reason". It's a beautiful song and it's one of my favorites to sing but I hit a lot of high notes. Recording wise, the most difficult song I've had to perform is my recently recorded version of "The Pot" by Tool. I got to do it however I wanted and it took me a while to arrange the song and melody how I wanted. Keep watching the OMF pages for the video release! 
MPAP: Had you heard of the band Tool before when you first sang the song “Forty Six & 2”? 
KALA: Yes, I have grown up listening to rock music, and was familiar with the band name but not with any of their music.  
MPAP: How long did it take to get the song “Forty Six & 2” down to where you could record it and you had the vocals just right? 
KALA: Usually I am given a song two to three months before we record it. This is so all of the other band members and I have definitely gotten our parts down before we record.  
MPAP: A couple years after recording “Forty Six & 2” you covered another song by Tool called “Sober”. What did you think of when Adam Jones, the guitar player of Tool, tweeted about your cover of “Sober” saying “~ nice job! *should be played on the radio”? 
KALA: I thought it was awesome! It's amazing when you get the original artist's recognition, and it felt great to know that we covered the song in a way that Adam liked.  
MPAP: Were your parents involved in music as you were growing up? Or did they just hear you singing one day and decided the next day you were taking music lessons? 
KALA: That is exactly what happened. My parents decided that my singing voice should be coached and pursued so they signed me up for OMF! None of my parents have ever really been involved in music, but it is believed in my family that I got my voice from my My great grandparents. My great grandmother Elsa used to sing on the local radio and my great grandfather Tony was a symphony musician.  
MPAP: Have you listened or even watched what some of the other kids at the O’Keefe Music Foundation have done? 
KALA: Of course I have! Before I even joined, my parents showed me the cover of "Cowboys from Hell" by Pantera and I absolutely loved it.  

MPAP: What do you think of some of the songs that have been done so far, like Slipknot’s “Duality” or Iron Maiden’s “Number of The Beast, or Pantera’s “Cemetery Gates”, and Ozzy Osbourne’s “No More Tears”? 
KALA: I think it's amazing that there are so many kids that have so much talent. I have made some of my best friends through the O'keefe Music Foundation. 
MPAP: You once stated that Kurt Cobain is your idol?  
KALA: Haha, a few years ago I was absolutely obsessed with Nirvana. I still love them but I have become a fan of some older classic rock. Ex: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin.  
MPAP: What are some of your reasons for looking up to him as a musician? 
KALA: With Kurt, it really inspired me how he didn't let opinions influence his music, but with my newer music inspirations, I have come to respect the balance of instruments and vocals, as well as the power that a song's message drives. 
MPAP: Did you ever try out for American Idol before it ended in 2016? 
KALA: No I did not, I actually have only ever tried out for America's Got Talent when I was 10 years old.  
MPAP: Saving Escape is an alternative rock band that you are now in. Is this a band you started or just joined? 
KALA: I started this band almost three years ago. I was lookin for a way to pursue music outside of OMF. I am so proud of them and our achievements.  
MPAP: What can you tell us about the band? 
KALA: Saving Escape is an alternative rock band based in Cincinnati, OH, and we're all students of OMF. There are four of us, Charlotte on bass, Alex on drums, Jacob on the guitar, and myself on the vocals.  
MPAP: What can your fans expect in 2017? 
KALA: Well, the band is hoping to record an EP this year! My fans should also keep an eye out for the release of "The Pot" which I recently recorded with OMF. 
MPAP: Do you play a reversed guitar like Jimi Hendrix? 
KALA: Yes! I play a '93 Mexican Stratocaster given to me by my very close friend and guitar teacher. Her name is "June" and she has a killer sound! 
MPAP: I am assuming you are left-handed just like him?  
KALA: Yes I am. I could've potentially played right handed but Aaron from the foundation decided it was best for me to play left handed. I am glad to have the lefty characteristic but it can sure be hard to find lefty guitars! 
MPAP: Did you also take guitar lessons, or were you self-taught? 
KALA: I have been taking guitar lessons since I started with OMF.  
MPAP: All good things must come to an end, but before we go, just a few more questions. What is something you want to accomplish as a young musician?  
KALA: I really want to put myself out there and show other people what there is to accomplish with music.  
MPAP: What is something you want to accomplish as an older musician? 
KALA: As an older musician, my dream is to be an influential female rocker. Rock is my passion and I want to be up on the same level as some of the greats.  
MPAP: Do you constantly get a lot of people telling you how to do it this way or that way because of your age?  
KALA: Sometimes, but I am lucky enough to have gained the independent traits from my Grandma! Who wants to play music according to someone else's taste? Isn't it about making it your own?!  
MPAP: What do you say to them? 
KALA: I just let people know that I am writing and performing for myself and I'm glad they get to be a part of my journey. 
MPAP: And last, if you could perform a duet with someone right now, who would you want to tap on their should and ask them to sing with you? 
KALA: Most definitely Robert Plant, such an influential artist with amazing talent.  
MPAP: Once again thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for Metal Pulp And Paper. Any last words you’d like to tell the readers and your fans? 
KALA: Keep Rockin! \m/