METAL PULP AND PAPER: Hello Lexi. Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for Metal Pulp And Paper. We appreciate it. 
You have some new music coming out soon? What can you tell us about it?

LEXI SALAZAR: Our new record Polaris will be released on April 28th and we are so excited to finally release these songs. You can listen to our single “Left Of You” now on our youtube channel. 

MPAP: What’s it going to sound like? 

LEXI: Polaris is heavy guitars, dark lyrics, touches of programming, a blend of aggressive vocals and sassy melodies. You can get a taste of what I’m talking about if you listen to our single “Left Of You”. 

MPAP: What makes this EP different from your previous EP, Letters

LEXI: Polaris is more mature than our previous EP, Letters. We have all gone through so much and our music has done some growing up as well. 

MPAP: Can you tell us any of the names of songs and what they about on Polaris

LEXI: I will give a brief overview of the songs but I don’t want to give away too much before the release! 
“Deadlock”- By definition is a situation between two parties where no progress can be made.  
“Fire” to me, is channeling all the anger and negative energy inside of you to make a better future for yourself. 
“Shere Khan” is about recognizing that something is no longer good for you and having the strength to let it go. 
“Don’t Ever Wake Me Up” is about feeling connected to someone but not being able to be with them. 
“Deadweight” is about having a gut feeling that something isn’t going to work out but seeing where it goes anyway. 
“Left Of You” is a song about dealing with loss and trying to find answers. 
“Bad Weather” is about losing interest in someone. 

MPAP: Any special meaning behind the title Polaris and why you chose it? What does it mean to you? 

LEXI: Polaris is the name of the North Star and Polaris is a record about finding your way. It seemed like an appropriate title.
MPAP: Can you explain your writing process? Do you sit in the studio all day until something comes to mind, or are you constantly writing music every day, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re at? Are you constantly jotting something down in a notebook, or recording the idea on your cell phone? 

LEXI: Well I write all the lyrics when I’m feeling inspired and the boys are always writing guitar parts. The way they come together is always different! Sometimes it starts as an acoustic song we wrote at home and sometimes it’s a long process of recording, adding things, changing things. It’s always an adventure! 

MPAP: Do you have to be in, or get into, a certain frame of mind when you are writing lyrics to songs?  

LEXI: I never force lyric writing; It just comes to me in bursts of inspiration! I’ll have an idea and scramble to find some paper or my phone. I take my notebook with me everywhere for that reason! However I always edit the lyrics once I have calmed down.  

MPAP: The song ‘Sharks’, from your Letters EP, is pretty deep? Were you at a particularly dark time or place when you wrote this song?

LEXI: It was a pretty dark point in my life but that is my favorite time to write songs. I love using music to let others know that they aren’t alone in whatever they are going through. 

MPAP: When writing a song, can there a positive message in the end when writing something this dark? 

LEXI: Absolutely! There’s this stigma with depression and anger. No one wants to admit they are having a hard time but that is a huge part of being human and by writing those songs, I feel like I am letting others know that their emotions are valid, they are never alone. 

MPAP: Let’s go back to when it all started and things began molding into shape for anyone that might not know about your band. Eclipses The For Eyes formed in 2012 in Tempe, Arizona correct? How did each of you meet? 

LEXI: Yes it is! Allen and Cameron were writing songs together and needed a singer. I was living in another city and met them in a musicians group on facebook. 

MPAP: Who came up with the name Eclipses For Eyes, and what is the meaning behind it? 

LEXI: The name Eclipses For Eyes is up to interpretation, but it originally comes from a lyric in the song “Slyvia” by Miike Snow.

MPAP: Starting out in a band has its ups and downs? At the end of the day, what has kept it all together when times may be tough out on the road, or even making music together, so that others might want to learn from it? 

LEXI: Before anything else, a strong friendship is the glue that a band needs. No matter how hard anything gets, I know I can always depend on my bandmates. They have my back, I have theirs, we really are a family. 

MPAP: What have been some of your biggest challenges as a band so far?

LEXI: Keeping a bass player! Haha. Not very many people play bass. 

MPAP: How would you say your music evolved and grown since you first began playing music together compared to today? 

LEXI: Absolutely, a lot can happen in 5 years. Our personal struggles and achievements have affected our song writing in a positive way.  

MPAP: Eclipses For Eyes gained some national spotlight as the 2014 Hot Topic Battle of the band’s Winner with your singles ‘Sharks’ and ‘Letters.’ How did this make you feel? 

LEXI: It was really incredible! I remember shopping at Hottopic as a teenager and it was really cool walking into stores and seeing a giant poster of me on stage! 

MPAP: Winning things like that, does that make you want to keep reaching for the stars for even more?
LEXI: Definitely! Seeing our hard work pay off and having the opportunities to share our songs with a larger audience is addicting! 

MPAP: Where can you see yourself and the band in five years? Or is that too far to look ahead and think about? 

LEXI: I see us touring a full length in five years! 

MPAP: Before we must go. You’ve mentioned Dave Grohl as one of your musical influences? The Dave Grohl-Nirvanna, or the Dave Grohl- Foo Fighters? Please share why? 

LEXI: Both! Dave didn’t write all of the drums on Nirvana's Nevermind but you could tell he was playing them and his vocal harmonies were spot on. I also love the Foo Fighters. I’d recommend watching their latest DVD or the Live at Wembley concert.  

MPAP: If you could collaborate with him, do you have any song ideas you’d like to do with him? 

LEXI: Honestly I would just ask to come sing a song with him during a show. Last time the band and I went to see them they had Jewel come out and sing a Led Zeppelin song. Super Cool ! 

MPAP: What can your fans expect? What’s next for Eclipses For Eyes and the rest of 2017?
LEXI: Polaris will be out soon along with another new video and maybe we will play your town! 

MPAP: Last, is there anything else you’d like to tell your fans and everyone out there reading this?  

LEXI: I just want to say that I hope that our songs can help you in some way. You are never alone in the hardships that you are experiencing and the Eclipses For Eyes family will accept anyone who wants to be a part of it. 

MPAP: Lexi, once again, I’d like to thank you for the time you spent with Metal Pulp And Paper. Look forward to what you and Eclipses For Eyes will do next.