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Invidia is an American heavy metal supergroup consisting of Travis Johnson from In This Moment on vocals, Brian Jackson formerly of Skinlab on guitar, and Matt Snell formerly of Five Finger Death Punch on bass guitar.
METAL PULP AND PAPER: Can you tell all the Metal Pulp And Paper readers about Invidia? Who’s all in it and how did it all come together?

MATT SNELL: Invidia started from Travis Johnson's desire to sing again. He really wanted to get back to being a front man where he had spent many years prior to his current stint on bass with In This Moment. Travis and Brian were chatting about the idea of doing a project. Brian ran into Logan here in Vegas and pitched the idea to him. Logan was on board to do the record. I heard about it, and with his long history with both Travis and Brian jumped on board. 

MPAP: Of course one of the first things that’s going to be said in the social media is if it hasn’t already, is that Invidia is a 'Super Group'. Is the 'Super Group' tag going to be a like or dislike? Or does it even matter? 
MS: Well, it’s term that is used a lot these days. I dont see it as a plus or a minus. What really defines that anyway? Yes we are all seasoned musicians with experience. I think what it really means is that you can expect something great from it. For us, we are all just friends making music together and it’s a lot of fun. 
MPAP: Other than everyone’s previous musical experience, what’s something new every one brought to the Invidia table?

MS: I would say the total abandonment of any prior boundaries musically. We all had routines...ways of doing our music. Invidia is a no rules entity. We simply put all pre conceived ideas away and really just let the music happen. 

MPAP: How do you think the fans will react to your music?

MS: In all honesty this is the best record I feel I have ever been a part of. It is so well rounded. I have played the record for friends as well as top industry producers, engineers and agents and everyone.. and I mean everyone really digs it. There is something for everyone on it and the reaction has been overwhelming. I think everyone will be blown away. 

MPAP: Will it bother anyone in Invidia that the other member’s current or previous band they were in more than likely will be brought up and be compared to?

MS: That's gonna happen. It is what it is. I think it is important to remember that what your comparing us to is ourselves. Those bands are also OUR products and were really proud of them as well. What a great place to be...“your new awesome band is comparable to your other awesome band” I love it! Bring it on. 
MPAP: What’s something that you all together hope will make Invidia stand out from the others so you can claim your stake in the music industry?

MS: Our versatility and live show will be the factor. The record has so much to offer and we really bring it live. The music is amazing. Logan’s producing on the record took it in a really unique direction that we really know everyone will love. 

MPAP: Is starting a new band almost like leaving your wife and finding a new girlfriend? Did it feel like the right thing to do?

MS: Ha.. no.. and it’s not cheating either lol…honestly...we're musicians. This is what we do. I don't see it as leaving anything.. just doing what we do. 

MPAP: Did everyone have to get to know each other first before joining to see if things clicked and the gears would turn and everyone could make music together?

MS: No…you get along or leave… haha...but really we all already knew each other and the members were chosen accordingly.. we wanted to be in a room with people we “want to be in a room with”. 

MPAP: Once everyone was together and before things were set into stone, was there anything that was put out on the table that Invidia was not going to do this, or Invidia were not going to be like this?

MS: No...we just let it happen. Like I said , we knew each other, and we trust Logan. 

MPAP: During the writing process, was it be tough to not let the other bands musical styles sneak or seep in?

MS: No. This band is it’s own entity. For me personally, I don't listen to similar styles of music when making a new record. Since this record began it’s pretty much all I have been listening to in the rock/metal genre. 
MPAP: Was everyone involved in the writing process for this release?

MS: Yes. 

MPAP: Did everyone have a tape recorder or iPod full of song ideas before anything really got off the ground?

MS: More or less...I mean we all have a way to record at home .. digital.. then email the session to the next guy and so on… 
MPAP: Logan Mader is producing your new release.? Other than him producing, what else has his musical experience brought to the band so far?

MS: Well...as a fan of every band he was or is in that's easy. We have also worked with him in the past on other projects. His well runs deep, so it’s the perfect place to be. 

MPAP: One of the first songs released so far is called ‘Making My Amends’. Tell us about it? Is it about a drug or alcohol addiction that someone has had before in the band?

MS: Travis wrote that song basically about himself. I’ve known Travis for about 20 years now. He has had an amazing run in that time. I think it is something he just really wanted to say. To let others know they aren't alone. That they can change their lives and right the wrongs they have done. We evolve and learn through life. Once you can forgive yourself and make changes you can then make your amends. 

MPAP: How difficult is it being out on the road trying to stay sober and stay away from the addictions that are associated with being a heavy metal rock star?

MS: It’s really easy. The “rockstar” thing is a myth. People have grown to think it’s all party party and it just isn't. If you want to be successful you can't be messed up. If you have ever been back stage on a tour, there's a lot of Skype, Facebook , Instagramming and working out. The 80’s seemed to have glorified that lifestyle but the new reality is that being healthy and having your act together is the new norm. It’s pretty awesome waking up and feeling good! 
MPAP: How soon until the new record is going to be out? Can you at least give an album title name yet?

MS: Soon. We will divulge that info very soon. 
MPAP: Unfortunately, our time has run out. Are there any last things you want to say to the fans out there?

MS: We're touring October and November. Come check out the shows. We will be accessible and really look forward to meeting as many of you as we can! 

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