METAL PULP AND PAPER: Hello Moscow. So glad to be catching up with you. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us here at Metal Pulp And Paper. We appreciate it. 

How are you doing? 

MOSCOW: I'm great. Thank you. 
MPAP: Before we talk about your new EP, can you tell us a little bit about your band Moscow? What can someone expect when they hear your music for the first time? 

MOSCOW: I am Moscow, the founder and front man (woman) of the band of the same name. Music-wise I say we're very versatile - getting influenced by Papa Roach, Asking Alexandria, and even Britney Spears - we have some heavy post hardcore songs as well as 80s power ballads. We're trying to mix the original hard rock attitude with the sound of 2017 topped with some savor. 
MPAP: Also, what can they expect when they see you perform live for the first time? 

MOSCOW: Oh get ready to get wet. Boys, I’m talking to you too.  
MPAP: You just recently played a show at Scars And Stripes in Las Vegas, Nevada? How did that go? How was the crowd reacting to your band and music? 

MOSCOW: Scars and Stripes went great. Despite the ridiculous heat outside the audience still managed to get close to the stage and rock with us. I may have spilled a couple bottles of water on them, but I was just trying to help! The response was great. Next time, I should probably check the weather before I wear a fur coat onstage.  
MPAP: After you played your set, were there any bands that you had to make sure to be able to watch from the side stage? 

MOSCOW: Asking Alexandria always delivers. I love those guys and never get disappointed from seeing them live. Danny is an amazing front man and I would lie if I said I haven't stolen some of his on-stage moves.  
MPAP: So, let’s talk about Queen Of Sin. It’s your first release and just came out June 2nd. It’s bold, powerful, and one might say, it’s straight up and in your face. The way all music should be correct? 

MOSCOW: As for me, yes. If you're into softer genres, go do that! I believe music is also a representation of one's character. So, when it comes to Moscow, get ready for some attitude.  
MPAP: What can you tell us about QOS?
MOSCOW: QOS was my first single I recorded. Based on Nietzsche and Anton LaVey philosophies - it basically tells you to make your own decisions and listen to yourself at first place - without being scared of whatever society, higher powers or your mom thinks. It's YOUR life.  
MPAP: Another impressive dominant song on it, one that really stands out along with ‘Queen Of Sin’, is called ‘Black Widow’. It is a very dark song? What can you say about it? 

MOSCOW: That is my favorite one of the EP. It came to life very unexpectedly but organically. Everyone who worked on it just happened to be in the same spot, same time, same room and with a bottle of Jager - and BW was born. It's a very self-biographical song. Lyrics have it. 
MPAP: It was said that you had a lot of fun writing and recording Queen Of Sin? What were some highlights you can share with us that made it so fun? 

MOSCOW: One of my favorite parts was recording an orgasm for "Black Widow". Obviously, that was quite satisfying. I love to think outside the box when it comes to the recording process.  
MPAP: You want to make Rock music sexy again? You want to get a mix of hard rock tunes and guitar riffs with sensual, feminine vocals, and a dominatrix attitude? Why do you want this? 

MOSCOW: Because if I was music, that's the type of song I'd been.  
MPAP: When was Rock music sexy last, what happened to it?

MOSCOW: I have always been one of the 'bad boys crew'. My influencers were Motley Crue and Kiss, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, you name it. They had this raw sexy powerful vibe on stage and coming through music. That is what I want to hear and feel now when I go watch anyone live. You want to see a Rockstar - filled with IT from head to toe, producing it with each and every cell of their body. No one wants to see a girl/boy next door on stage.  
MPAP:  Who else do you think is making Rock music sexy? 

MOSCOW: Oddly, i would say Rihanna. She may not be in the rock market, but she's the Rockstar.  
MPAP: Talk about your video for Queen Of Sins. What was it like making it?
MOSCOW: I loved it. I insisted on shooting my first music video at the infamous Whisky A Go Go. It meant a lot for me to share the same stage that is responsible in making the greatest rock bands in the history.  
MPAP: The video is almost not safe enough to watch at work? Would you ever want to make the next Moscow music video with more of an R rating? 

MOSCOW: It only gets hotter from here.  
MPAP: Will there be another video anytime soon, even if it is safe to watch at work? 

MOSCOW: It's already shot. So, keep your eyes open for some new surprises from Moscow.  
MPAP: Did you leave Moscow, Russia at the early age of 16? What made you decide to do this? 

MOSCOW: I am and have always been a rolling stone. Changed  4 cities and countless number of apartments. Even within LA, which I call my home now, I somehow ended up switching 5 different places within 3 years. I guess I was just made for touring.  
MPAP: It had to be very scary leaving your country and starting over somewhere else? Were your parents a part of this? 

MOSCOW: It was never scary for me. I don't get attached to places, nor to most of the people. My parents were never happy with my career choice, but once I decide something, there's no one who can stop me or change my mind. I stay very true to myself.  
MPAP: Do you ever go back and visit Moscow?
MOSCOW: I try to fly back at least for a week every year. 
MPAP: Now that you have an EP out, and are gaining a loyal fanbase, would you say that you have a hidden middle finger held up to the Russian music scene that was so Pop Music dominant that never gave the Metal genre a chance to go anywhere?  

MOSCOW: If I had a middle finger up, it wouldn't be hidden. I never wanted to start my career there. Pop music is dominant within the country, and I was never interested in that. That's one of the reasons I left so early - I knew there's nothing to even bother for back there.  
MPAP: You were one of Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Moscow? How did this make you feel? 

MOSCOW: Responsible for my body. Which I have always been. But I believe a woman should always take a big care of her appearance - doesn't matter if you're a successful advocate, have a noble prize in literature or make more money than most of your men friends - you should always look well-groomed, Sorry ladies, but diet, exercises and make up should always be a part of your routine.  
MPAP: If Hugh Hefner saw the Revolver magazine issue and came up to you and made an offer, would you pose nude for the Playboy magazine? 

MOSCOW: If I don't find him first! Any time Hugh, I'm ready 24/7.  
MPAP: You’ve lived in London, Paris, New York, and Los Angles. Would you say that you’re never satisfied staying in one place? 

MOSCOW: As I mentioned earlier, I'm a rolling stone. A child of the world. Travelling is in my blood.  
MPAP: Does that mean you will look forward to going out on tour and traveling the world to play your music to your fans when the time comes?
MOSCOW: That's a big part of the career I've chosen. And I must say, I am a lucky one - each aspect of it - whether it's touring/recording/performing/etc - it is what makes me happy. When your job is your passion.  
MPAP: Since it seems like your feet might never touch the ground for very long, does that make it hard to make good friends or even be able to have a relationship with someone? 

MOSCOW: I'm old school when it comes to friendship - I don't believe in 300+ friends on Facebook. One can only have 1-5 REAL good friends. The rest will come and go. I have one, and we've been through fire and ice together - so going on the road will not affect it. As for relationship I can't really tell, since I’m not even in any. But knowing myself, that might be even better for me - I get tired of people very fast, so the distance might make it work. But I'm a single she-wolf as of now.  
MPAP: The meaning behind the ‘Queen of Sin” song is based on the philosophy of Nietzsche and the work of Anton Lavey correct? It is about being your own god and your own devil? What inspired you to feel this way? 

MOSCOW: I have always felt this way. Ever since I remember myself - questioning life and how does it all work occupied my mind. Philosophy and psychology are my passions. I find human's brain the most fascinating thing in the world. So finding inspiration for my music within the works of great minds is priceless.  
MPAP: Does that mean you believe in Satanism or even spiritualism? 

MOSCOW: I like to call myself a Satanic Buddhist. I believe in energy. That is what everything around us including ourselves is created of.  
MPAP: On behalf of myself, and Metal Pulp And Paper, thank you, Tsaritsa, for doing this interview? Look forward to what Moscow does to finish out the year 2017 and beyond.
Any last words you’d like to tell the readers and your fans out there?
MOSCOW: Please, call me Moscow. And stay tuned for all the new things we're about to drop for you!