Review by Geoff D. Stephenson
If you’re new to hearing Deftones because SiriusXm satellite radio has been playing the song Prayers/Triangles, then you will enjoy the rest of Gore. If you’ve been a diehard listener since the Adrenaline, more than likely you’ll listen to Gore a few times here and there, then maybe it will get overlooked on your MP3 player. It’s no Koi No Yokan, or Diamond Eyes. And it doesn’t come close to Around The Fur, or even Saturday Night Wrist. There are no songs on Gore that can compare to their previous songs like “Elite”, “Bored”, or even “My Own Summer (Shove It)”, but it’s the Deftones; and that’s all that matters. They aren’t a top 40 pop band with a Casey Kasem wanna-be DJ announcing the next long distance dedication song. Whether you want them a fast/heavy slow-nu metal style or whatever, Deftones stand out no matter what genre you put them in. Chino’s vocals are always distinct and amazing. While Gore is more or less a soft paced release, it does have moments of heaviness. “Doomed User” and the title track “Gore” packs somewhat a punch. Most of the songs will tend to seduce, not assault the listener.
Photo credit ©Frank Maddocks
Stephen Carpenter said in an interview with Ultimate Guitar, he mentioned, “throughout the writing process, he wasn't too keen on the album's direction. He said, at first he didn't even want to play on the record. “When we were coming up with ideas and writing the songs, the stuff that was being written, you know, the other guys’ ideas, I wasn’t too interested in it. It wasn’t the style or the sound I was hoping we would take. It wasn’t what I was expecting or wanting." Chino Moreno once said doesn’t only hear music – he sees it in color. “The color was really specific to our idea,” he muses, sitting on his porch in the countryside of Oregon. Throughout his life, the 42-year-old has often identified with purple. “I’ve always been into that color. Prince’s Purple Rain is probably one of my favorite records – great movie, great song.”                                                 (Editor’s note: This was before the untimely death of Prince on April 21st.)
Photo credit ©Frank Maddocks
Prayers/Triangles- is like a soft wind blowing through the trees until it finally kicks up the dust. Catchy chorus- “Prayers (Prayers) Lay on the line You’ll never be free.”  
Acid Hologram- is a soft grungy guitar driven song, with Chino melodically calming you with his vocals. 
Doomed User- is what every hard rock/metal fan wants to hear from the Deftones. Crunching guitars/ pounding drums with Chino screaming into the microphone. 
Hearts/Wires- is finger snapping mellow song engulfing you in a wall of Chinos soothing vocals. 
Gore- After you’ve relaxed for a bit, Gore will wake you up. Drums are heavy and most of the song is furious like your being slowly pushed into the blades of a fan. Definitely the most aggressive song on the album. If played, this could be a mosh pit favorite at live shows. 
Phantom Bride- Feels like your flying recklessly around the sky, then slowly brings you down to the ground. 

Quite a few of these songs are for only in your home or car. Wouldn’t work for a small venue or even a 10,000 plus music festival. That’s where their other hits will have to come into play.  

Metal Pulp And Paper gives Gore