Music Review By Danny Romeo
Phil Anselmo is a name that has gathered much hate or disrespect following events of the past year. Even way before his drunken "white power" tirades at Dimebash 2016, Phil was hated by Pantera and Damageplan fans who believed he was to blame for the death of Dimebag Darrell. But honestly, we can all agree the man has some talent regardless of your opinions on him. His days with Pantera showcased his younger days of singing/screaming, and his band Down has a pretty healthy following even after Dimebash. But we are here to talk about his newest addition to his repertoire, Scour.
Scour is a supergroup of sorts made up of Phil, John Jarvis of Pig Destroyer, Derek Engemann of Cattle Decapitation, Chase Fraser of Continuum (formerly of Animosity and Decrepit Birth), and Jesse Schobel of Strong Intention. Immediately you think one thing when you hear those names around Phil..."wait...a grindcore black metal band? With Phil Anselmo?" I certainly was skeptical. However what I heard impressed me.
For a short EP at about 14 minutes in length, these 6 tracks actually bring some decent stuff to the table. Phil's vocals have changed, but it fits perfectly with the pretty impressive instrumental work. But thats to be expected with such a strong lineup. Some of moments on this album are reminiscent of power violence bands such as Nails, but have enough of their own personality to stand out from the crowd of grindcore acts and black metal hordes. It is just an EP with a full length on the way, so don't expect to be blown away just yet. But tracks like "Tear Gas" keep me wanting even more from the future release.
Metal Pulp And Paper gives Scour
24/7 365