METAL PULP AND PAPER: Hello, Raven, so glad to catch up with you. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us at Metal Pulp And Paper. We appreciate it.  

RAVEN: You are so welcome, and thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us, too. We truly appreciate your support.  

MPAP: How are you?  

RAVEN: We are doing great and very excited about our Hex o’Clock Tour! 

MPAP: How are things going? 

RAVEN: We just started the tour on July 8, 2017 in Guadalajara, Mexico and we couldn’t be happier with the success of the event for our friends in Mexico. The Voodoo Roadhouse Bar was celebrating their one-year anniversary and it was a total success for them. we made new friends with some great local bands there, Dog Union and Valhem. Tremendous musicians and people. We were completely spoiled by our hosts and the entire crew at Voodoo Roadhouse. Not only did they treat us VIP at the venue, but they made a whole weekend of it for us with city trips and delicious dining. Greeted us with gifts upon our arrival and departure. I make a point of this, because it is rare to meet people who treat you with so much kindness.  

MPAP: What can you tell us about your band, Raven Black?  

RAVEN: Well, we aren’t for the faint of heart and we definitely enjoy putting on a live show. It’s all about having fun while creating something unique for your fans to enjoy with you. We wanted to create something different and really develop an entire theme to our music and our show.  

MPAP: Describe the image of your band? What is the inspiration behind everyone’s look? 

RAVEN: We are a dark metal carnival of characters. I’ve had a vision when I created the band with Muppet that each member would create their own identity and image featuring their inner self. Each of us has a story and each of us has some special personality trait or traits that isn’t always apparent on the outside. This was out chance to bring the inside out and be free of what is expected. A paradox. I, speaking for myself, have always struggled with the duality of who I am as an individual and learning to balance the many different sides of myself and how the world and people around me see who I am. I’d like them to see all of me and now you see all of me, both the human and the doll side of me.  

MPAP: Raven Black is a band that everyone needs to hear about. How would you describe the music and the live shows? 

RAVEN: Our music is a blend of influences from each member, starting with classical music, classic rock/metal, blues, folk, punk, hip/hop and show tunes all swirled into a medley of metal chaos. Our music is quirky, fun yet dark and emotional. A rollercoaster of sounds and emotions with ripping and beating metal to back it up. we’re rowdy, creepy and want to engage our fans and bring them into the world we create with our music, our look and our show. We want to give them a show. This is just the beginning. Trust me, this is just the beginning. 

MPAP: In June of this year, it was announced you would be doing a Summer Headliner. The Hex O’Clock Tour. It’s 20 dates out on the road, launching July 8th in Guadalajara, Mexico, winding through the Midwest and up the East Coast before finishing up in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 8th. Are you excited for this?
RAVEN: Yes. So, excited.
MPAP: Can you tell us whom will you be bringing along with you on this tour? 

RAVEN: We were approached by a few bands to join us, but we wanted to do this one on our own. It’s our first headliner tour and we wanted to take the time with our fans and let them enjoy a bit more of who we are. We will surely tour with other bands in the future.  

MPAP: Things are different when you’re the headliner? What are a couple things that you’re looking forward to that you might not have gotten before being the opening band? 

RAVEN: Our stage production, lighting, intro tracks to our show, extra time to truly be intimate with our fans and overall just being able to enjoy the show and our fans without any time constraints. Freedom. 

MPAP: Is this one of your longest tours so far?
RAVEN: No. The support tour we did with Mushroomhead was approximately the same length of time, but we did have more shows on their tour. This tour was shorter on purpose, as we may be doing another support tour this fall. There might even be a Mexico tour this year, as well. Since Hell & Heaven festival did not take place this year, we are anxious to get back to our fans in Mexico, as they have so many times requested throughout this year.
MPAP: At what point do you begin to start missing certain things from home? 

RAVEN: Touring is very hard work and it eventually takes its toll on you mentally, emotionally and physically. Somewhere about the fourth week being on the road, you begin to get tired and start missing family, pets and other comforts of your own home. There is always constant anxiety for road safety, health and of course worrying about loved ones back home.  

MPAP: Is it difficult to leave friends, family, and loved ones? 

RAVEN: It is sometimes and they also worry about you as well.  

MPAP: Or do you like being out on the road as much as you can? 

RAVEN: We love being on the road because we all love playing music, seeing and talking to our fans and meeting new people and seeing new places. It’s always an adventure and we always learn more and grow as individuals and as a band collectively through the people we meet. there is so much in the world to see.  

MPAP: What’s one essential item that is a must not forget to take with you before boarding the tour bus? 

RAVEN: Communication gear, phone, chargers, batteries, laptop and anything to keep in communication with your loved ones, your manager, producer, agent and friends. Also for emergencies. So much can happen on the road when you are driving across the country.  

MPAP: Let’s talk about your current debut EP release, Seven Sins. What can you tell us about it? 

RAVEN: Seven Sins was released with only 7 songs, as I have a personal passion for numbers. There is a meaning behind every number we write about. We spent two years writing our album and wrote over 200 songs in that time span. 7 songs made it on this EP because we wanted to introduce the world to our story. To keep it short, each song, and the song order on the ep introduced our fans to the psyche of the doll, Raven. Our full album will dive deeper into the other members. Each song progresses as she tells her story and gives the listener her journey from innocence to redemption. Broken innocence to being in a position of self-control. 

MPAP: What can someone expect to hear when they listen to it for the very first time? 

RAVEN: Expect a quirky, sweet but passive aggressive and sarcastic journey to chaotic and emotional redemption. A dark coming of age. And stay tuned for more about the other members in the next release as the carnival gets darker and heavier for the mind, heart and soul.  

MPAP: It’s almost been out a year? What are some of your favorite songs from it? 

RAVEN: My personal favorite is “Blackening”. It comes from a self-truth of who I am and who most people are but may not know how to embrace their own duality.  

MPAP: The seven-song EP has garnered loads of buzz and your fans demanding more. When can your fans expect something new from Raven Black

RAVEN: It’s always hard to say, as we want to make sure everyone has a chance to take this first EP to heart. Without the beginning, they won’t understand what’s to come. We have tossed around the idea of spring of 2018, but we have yet to tour so many areas in the us that have not heard our music and seen us live. We don’t want to rush anything and we want everyone to take the journey with us. It will make more sense in the future.
MPAP: You’ve released two videos for it, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Scars”, and “Seven Sins”. How fun was it to make these videos?  

RAVEN: Super fun. Each experience was so different from the other. The people involved were amazing and we are so appreciative of their support and talent. We are hoping to release another video soon.  

MPAP: Will there be another video made anytime soon? 

RAVEN: Hopefully, if we have the time off of tour to get into it. The next video will most likely be one of our fan favorites. It’s a tossup between “Blackening” and “13”. We are writing a story board now, and looking for the next director.
MPAP: One last question before we bring this interview to a close, if you could ask one question to someone from the year 3000, what would you want to ask them? 

RAVEN: Are the ignorant people all gone yet? 

MPAP: On behalf of myself and Metal Pulp And Paper, I would like to thank you, Raven, for spending some time with us. Look forward to what the rest of 2017 brings for Raven Black and beyond. Any last words for the readers and all your fans out there? 

RAVEN: To our fans, and any future fans, thank you for your support, thank you for making live music live and be real to yourself. See you soon.