A few moments with Iris Goessens...
L to R: Dave De Loco, Steven "gaze" Sanders, Iris Goessens, Bart Vdp, Matthijs Quaars 
METAL PULP AND PAPER: Hello Iris. So glad to be catching up with you. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us at Metal Pulp And Paper. We appreciate it.  

How are you, how are things going so far this year for you and Spoil Engine

IRIS GOESSENS: Things are going great thank you!
MPAP: Are you getting ready to go out on tour with Prong, soon right? 

IRIS: We've finished the first leg of our European tour. We had a blast!  

MPAP: So, let’s talk about your band that you sing for? Spoil Engine is a 5-piece metal band from Belgium. It’s a mix of melodic thrash metal and groove metal, influenced by bands such as Pantera, In Flames, Lamb of God and Soilwork. Anything else you want to add that everyone needs to know more about?

IRIS: Yes! It's a band from Belgium but the drummer and I are Dutch. We've just released a new album called Stormsleeper that we're very proud of.  

MPAP: Spoil Engine was formed by your guitarist Steven ‘gaze’ Sanders in 2004, but you wouldn’t join the ranks until in 2015?

IRIS: True. When the former vocalist left they organized auditions. Before sending me a message they already had 30 auditions.
MPAP: While in your previous band, Drunken Dreams, were you looking or wanting to join another band? What made you decide to pursue Spoil Engine?

IRIS: Not looking, but I'm always open for new things. When SE asked me to send in a demo I just did it and told the other guys about it from the start.
MPAP: Was it tough to step into Spoil Engine that previously already had a singer for so many years?

IRIS: No. I did not think about it like that. The guys told me that they were looking for something completely new (spoil engine 2.0) so I did not feel pressure to be "better" than the previous vocalist. We're just really different.  

MPAP: And a band that was male fronted none the less?

IRIS: No problem. Might have made it easier for me. Because it's just a whole different thing.  

MPAP: Had you heard of Spoil Engine before joining?

IRIS: Yes. I even attended a concert of them.
MPAP: How did the fans react to you joining the band?

IRIS: Some loved it, some hated it. You can't please everyone. We just did our thing.  

MPAP: Were they with open arms when you took to the stage for the first time and sang?

IRIS: A lot of them were yeah. Of course, the front row was filled with positive minded people and we already released a short demo. So, they knew what was coming.  

MPAP: For your audition video, you did a vocal cover of "As The Pages Burn" by Arch Enemy. What made you choose this particular song to sing?

IRIS: I think it's the best song of that album. They had just released it. So, I chose that one.
MPAP: They were quite impressed with your song choice also correct?

IRIS: Yes. 

MPAP: Was Alissa White-Gluz a musical influence of yours?

IRIS: Probably in some way. But I think other bands had more influence on me. I used to listen more to metalcore bands.  

MPAP: Your new release, Stormsleeper (May 2017), what can you tell us about it for someone that hasn’t heard it before?

IRIS: It's dark, modern and heavy. Just check it out and hear for ya self!  

MPAP: What are a couple of the songs on it that you hope will grab the listeners by the ears and get them into a feeding frenzy wanting more?

IRIS: I think "Doomed To Die" has a catchy chorus. "Black Sails" and "Disconnect" are great live songs. They just work. "Singing Sirens" shows a different side of the band. And "Stormsleeper" is the title track for a reason. We think that song has everything a Spoil Engine song needs.
MPAP: The cover artwork for Stormsleeper was created by Heilemania who has also done work for the bands Nightwish, Kreator, and Legion of the Damned. What does the cover represent to you? Is there a message behind it you want someone to walk away with after seeing it?

IRIS: We were going for an apocalyptic vibe. Humanity fucking up and leaving only wastelands. That's what Stormsleeper mainly is about...We're fucked (a storm is going on) but a lot of us choose to stay asleep.  

MPAP: Does the American metal music scene reach Belgium easily? I mean can you hear the music on the radio over there, or go to a record store and find something new?

IRIS: You can find them in the record stores. But there is not much room for real metal on national radio…But there are small local metal & rock stations who play music from big & local new bands.  

MPAP: In an interview you did with Metalhead Spotted back in 2015, you said it’s hard for new young bands in Belgium to break out of the small circle scene? You are trying to help a few bands out correct? What are some things you are doing to help these bands?

IRIS: If they want me to listen to something or need some advice I'm there for them. I also give vocal coaching lessons now in my hometown Maastricht. Many singers who come there also have questions for their band.
MPAP: Now that Spoil Engine is a part of the Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast family, do you hope it will lead to a tour in the United States soon?

IRIS: I surely hope to cross the ocean sometime. But at this moment we have some work in Europe that has to be done first. Just tell everyone about us in the states! How more people want us there the sooner we can come over.
MPAP: When this happens, what are a few things you hope to see and do while here?

IRIS: Play some crazy festivals! I've never been to the states so I want to see everything it has to offer.  

MPAP: On behalf of myself and Metal Pulp And Paper, thank you, Iris, for being a part of this interview. Look forward to what Spoil Engine does for the rest of 2017 and beyond. 

Any last words you’d like to say to the readers and all your fans out there?

IRIS: Hope you're all doing well! Go check out our new album, share it with friends & let us know what you think about it. Cheers \m/  

MPAP: Any other bands in Belgium that you’d like to give a shout out to? 

IRIS: We have friends in Evil Invaders and Diablo Blvd. Go check them out too! 



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